Maersk Line v. Long Xiang International Trading, Inc.

Officially Filed Court Documents

These documents have been filed officially at the court. Available documents will be provided in electronic (PDF) format only. Typically, documents will be available for download within 1-2 minutes of completing your purchase (more info).

# Description Date Filed Price**
1-0 Complaint (Attorney Civil Case Opening) 2018-01-19 $1.79
1-1 Exhibit A 2018-01-19 $0.99
2-0 Subpoena Request (AO 88) 2018-01-19 $1.19
3-0 Civil Cover Sheet (CV-71) 2018-01-19 $1.49
4-0 Certificate/Notice of Interested Parties 2018-01-19 $1.19
5-0 Notice of Assignment to United States Judges(CV-18) - optional html form 2018-01-22 $0.99
6-0 Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program (ADR-8) - optional html form 2018-01-22 $1.19
7-0 Summons Issued (Attorney Civil Case Opening) 2018-01-22 $1.19
8-0 Deficiency in Attorney Case Opening - optional html form 2018-01-22 $0.99
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